A donation this winter could help someone like Erin who struggled to come to terms with trauma caused by abuse and suicidal thoughts.

Can you give the gift of life and hope this Christmas?

Here at PIPS we believe in “saving lives and planting seeds of hope”, you can help make that a reality by making a donation today.

A donation today of just £10 could provide life saving support to someone like Erin.

A gift of £10 could help us provide vital one to one support to save a life this Christmas.

Why we need your support. This Christmas will be as busy as ever, last year PIPS responded to a huge increase in the need for one to one support. This year has been a year like no other. We have seen a huge increase in the need for our services, many of our clients tell us they are feeling more isolated than ever. Every time our phone rings, or someone comes through our door is the moment we try to save a life and give hope.

Our Stories

“Hi my name is Erin, I am 22. At the age of 12 I started hearing voices, it wan’t until I was 18 and several suicide attempts later that I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I never imagined I would even get to this age. I attempted suicide a lot of times. The last time, I was 16, they essentially thought I was dead. At my worst I felt like nobody cared, nobody could help and I didn’t see anyway forward. I started coming to PIPS for counselling in the summer, it has been my saviour.”

Client Testimonials

“I thought my mental health was doomed and then I arrived at PIPS, and I now know that’s not true. I see it like this when I am crocheting, and I drop a stitch its ok to go back fix it and move on, or let it stay dropped and remember every time you see it, you will remember dropping a stich is not that important and it is ok to do that now and again and not everything has to be perfect.”

“I came to PIPS because I had struggled for a long time with my mental health and I wanted to get support. I feel comfortable here and if I don’t know what to say my counsellor has lots of resources and apps to help. Sometimes I can go for days without leaving the house and counselling once a week gives me structure and routine and something to go out for.”

“I came in feeling like nothing, but I’m leaving feeling like a million dollars.”

“My life was empty, or I thought it was but it was actually my inner self was empty I’m no longer alone.”

“My body and mind brought me here when I was in a dark place. Now I come with my mind and body light, and I can see past the darkness.”

“I lost my mother to suicide and I wanted to do the same as the pain was too much. PIPS charity helped and guided and walked with me through my journey of grief. Thank You!”

“I took the step to go and get help. Going to my first session I kept thinking what will they think of me? But I was never judged or felt uncomfortable. PIPS you gave me my future back.”

“I like coming here. I get to make things and I like to bake. It makes it easier to talk.”

“I do not need to say yes when I mean no. I have a choice now with your help.”

“I like coming here. I get to make things and I like to bake. It makes it easier to talk.”

“I went to PIPS with my wife and I saw a counsellor I was with her for 14 sessions. I had learned I was not alone. I had support and my counsellor worked on my addiction and my past and my demons. I learnt no one was perfect and it is ok to have a bad day and I was.”

“I came to PIPs because I was feeling sad and anxious. The sessions have helped me to feel better, especially the worksheet where I learned about my anxiety triggers. I like playing fun games like Jenga at the end so I feel ready to go home.”

“It is perfect here I like having space to talk.”

“PIPS is my happy place with Jennifer.”

“To be listened to, is worth a lot more than words.”

“I came to PIPS for help with anxiety and confidence. Coming here helps me with my feelings. I like playing the memory game with cards and doing the art activity
with the house about things that help me and things I find difficult. I’m glad I was able to come for help before starting secondary school. I also like the fidget toys.”

“When I had no one or nothing and I had hit rock bottom I thought I would never be able to get through the day or hour. I was taken by my mother to yourselves and I was seen immediately, and I left PIPS that day with a new meaning in my heart. HOPE!”

“I get to talk to somebody outside my family, about stuff. It’s calm and I can think.”