Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized for the contribution we can make to preventing the loss of life, supporting families and helping building hope within our community and we do this by striving for a compassionate Society free from suicide.


We help individuals, families and organisations who have been affected by suicide or mental un-wellness and we do this by:

  • Providing support and counselling services in an accessible and non-judgmental space for individuals to understand themselves and to better navigate their personal path in life
  • Providing a neutral, compassionate and supportive environment by offering a space for peer groups to share their experiences of emotional challenges
  • Working with organisations to nurture a culture of awareness and understanding of mental wellness, by providing specialist training and volunteering opportunities
  • Working with local communities and government bodies to influence societal change with the aim to advance the understanding of suicide and mental wellness within Ireland

Our Strategic Goals

PIPS Board, staff, volunteers and families are working together to deliver on the following strategic Goals.

  • To be recognised as a Provider of diverse high quality services which prevents suicide and promotes mental wellness throughout Ireland
  • To evaluate and optimise organisational resources to ensure that a high quality of service is delivered consistently to all Stakeholders
  • To increase public engagement and strengthen financial resilience in order to support our service delivery
  • To influence societal policy and empower individuals and communities in the area of mental health

Our Values

Our values describe the spirit of how we do business, they define our core belief and culture.

  • We value active and non-judgemental listening to fully understand the needs of our clients and Stakeholders, to promote positive change.
  • We value engaging with our clients and Stakeholders in a compassionate and empathetic manner, to deepen connections and support transformational change.
  • We value the ability to be adaptable and flexible in an ever changing world, moving quickly and decisively.
  • We value respect by accepting each individual for who they are which enables us to build strong relationships based on trust and safety.
  • We value confidentiality as the foundation of maintaining trusting relationships with our Stakeholders, by handling all information with the utmost care, privacy and in keeping with ethical boundaries.
  • We value our courage to do the right thing, influence societal change, by challenging the status quo and transforming our communities.
  • We value our Commitment to Excellence in promoting mental wellness by maintaining the highest standards, by continually learning, improving and innovating.
  • We value integrity as the fundamental basis of how we operate, by consistently behaving in a moral, ethical, transparent, accountable and honest manner.
  • We value self-determination where individuals have the right to make their own decisions and choices, so that they become active participants in their own journey.

Our Quality Care Promise

  • PIPS Team will be excellent listeners who will provide compassionate support, guidance and empathy for our clients
  • The Care Team will be well trained and knowledgeable about the resources available for the client, able to help the client elicit their state and needs and guide the clients appropriately and effectively towards high quality resources
  • All members of the Care Team will be punctual and be good time-keepers in relation to their agreed time and length of calls with their clients
  • PIPS Team will be polite and helpful to clients at all times
  • PIPS Team will observe the PIPS Code of Practice at all times
  • PIPS Team will attend regular continuous professional training and development
  • All interactions are dealt with in strict confidence and in compliance with GDPR regulations
  • At PIPS, we will ensure to always keep our clients and stakeholders informed and ensure you have all the information you need on the matters that effect you
  • We will always be open and transparent about how we use our resources
  • PIPS Team will communicate clearly, concisely, as often as required that is easily understood by everyone